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FeaturesDecember 09, 2016 12:03 PM GMT

Local Government asset pooling, a complex opportunity

Proposals by the UK government to pool local government pension scheme (LGPS) assets presents a number of cost saving opportunities, but there are also challenges which will need to be addressed, according to J.P. Morgan. 

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FinTechQDecember 05, 2016 2:30 PM GMT

The BIG interview: Peter Randall

Peter Randall, CEO of blockchain platform, SETL, discusses FinTech developments, its use for custodians and some predictions for 2017.

FeaturesDecember 05, 2016 10:25 AM GMT

Sitting pretty in APAC

Securities lending is reaching all time highs in Asia-Pacific with an increased demand for high quality liquid assets (HQLA) driving profitability, growth and new markets. Rachel Alembakis discovers the reasons behind the surge.