To participate in an upcoming Global Custodian survey, please complete the questionnaire below by the appropriate submission deadline. Once you have registered and your email has been validated, you will be able to log in and return at your convenience. There is no need to complete the questionnaire in one go!

Agent Banks in Major Markets Survey 2019

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The Global Custodian surveys are now hosted on Aon/McLagan’s new GDPR-compliant survey platform. For more information, click here.

This link will allow respondents to complete the survey, either online or by downloading an excel, once the necessary GDPR consent has been obtained in the sign-up process. For those wishing to submit a client list for McLagan to invite, please contact Allison Cayse on +1 513 574 0220/513 378 1645 or at

Changes to the questionnaire

  • Market Groupings – Respondents are able to create groups of markets or to rate markets individually. As a respondent you may create as many market groupings you wish and determine the markets you wish to include in each of those groupings.
  • Overall Assessment for Service Areas – Respondents have the option to provide an overall verdict, if they prefer, for a service area rather than answering a series of separate questions about that service.
  • Ability to rate all markets at once – Respondents are now offered the ability to rate all the markets in which they are active at one time. We will still run Major, Emerging and Frontier Markets at different times during the year, but if a respondent wishes to complete their rating exercise for all their active markets at once, they may do that. Responses for Emerging and Frontier markets will be recorded and counted at a later date.


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