The future is Asia: What’s next?

  |  Raffles, Singapore   |  

Global Custodian is proud to partner with Deutsche Bank on a panel discussion tracking the incredible growth trajectory of the Asia investment industry.

An esteemed panel of experts, representing the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Barclays, Marketnode, State Street, BNY Mellon and Deutsche Bank, will discuss and dissect the trends behind that growth, the current technology and regulatory landscapes, and offer their thoughts on what the future may hold for the burgeoning region.

Key themes:

  • What are the implications of macroeconomics/geopolitics and longevity on the future of the asset management industry in the region?
  • Where can technology play a meaningful role? The region has become a global hub for research and development projects, with an array of technological projects starting life here. What are the factors contributing to Asia’s draw for institutions looking to embark on innovation projects?
  • Digital assets and tokenisation present a ‘new frontier’ for the securities services industry. How do differing regulatory regimes in Asia view the nascent technology, and on what timeframe are tokenized assets expected to join the mainstream?
  • Looking to the future, which industry trends, challenges and opportunities do you expect to have the greatest impact on the Asian market in the next five years?