Building the depositary bank of tomorrow through collaboration

In 2017, BNP Paribas Securities Services partnered with Fortia Financial Solutions to rollout its INNOVA software and automate their core depositary banking processes, signalling how banks can benefit from collaboration with FinTechs.

Global Investors Survey in China Interbank Bond Market

The global investor online survey seeks feedback regarding on-shore and cross-border collateral management services, as well as general access services to the China Interbank Bond Market (CIBM).

Towards a no-touch post-trade workflow

DTCC ALERT is a web-based global database for the maintenance and communication of account and standing settlement instructions (SSIs). Bill Meenaghan, an executive director for DTCC Product Management discusses developments in ALERT over the past year as well as in other DTCC services.

Setting expectations

At the Global Custodian New York Awards dinner on 29 November, Maitland received an Editors’ Choice award for innovation in client experience. Global Custodian spoke with Frank Ferrara, senior client relationship manager at Maitland, about the firm’s approach to onboarding and relationship management in its private equity fund administration business.

Can old operating models cope with new technologies?

Alternative investment managers are having to weigh up the costs of carrying out an overhaul of their internal technology to meet current regulatory and investor demands, or instead to outsource.

Digitising corporate actions

Corporate actions processes have been rife with inefficiencies for years. Global Custodian speaks to SmartStream Technologies’ Kurt Eldridge, executive vice president, global sales, on how corporate actions may finally step into the digital age.

Dashboard Dynamics

Consumers have had, for some time, the ability to shape service provision and get instant access to information within their personal lives. How do these changing expectations and dynamics impact the securities services environment? Deutsche Bank explains how post-trade processes are being transformed by robotic process automation and data analytics.

Mirae Asset enters prime brokerage business

Global Custodian speaks to Robert Akeson, head of equity prime brokerage for Mirae Asset Securities (USA), on its recent move into the US prime brokerage market.

The future of proxy voting

The world of investor communications is changing faster than ever. Global Custodian speaks to Demi Derem, managing director, investor communication solutions, international, at Broadridge, about what is driving radical changes for investors, custodians and shareholders.

Transforming Institutional Trade Processing

SPONSORED: Global Custodian spoke to Mark Bouchea, managing director at DTCC, about the company’s vision to transform Institutional Trade Processing.