Why geopolitical risk is now a priority for network managers

Contingency planning is now top of mind for most network managers following the pandemic and more recently the war in Ukraine. Some experts wonder if events in China will be the next geopolitical flashpoint to disrupt the financial system.

Slow out the blocks: Industry still acclimatising to life under CSDR

Delays, amendments, lockdowns, war – CSDR’s Settlement Discipline Regime began life at a time when unprecedented events have become the norm. Confusion, miscommunication and errors have plagued the regulation’s early days, but are its most challenging days now behind us?

A shifting prime brokerage landscape

A tumultuous two years for the prime brokerage space has seen exits, scandals and a renewed approach to risk management which has truly shaken up the industry. But don’t think for a second primes are struggling, as opportunity beckons for those willing to invest and appeal to funds with market share up for grabs.

Supporting the dramatic ETF ascent

Business leaders from the exchange-traded fund (ETF) servicing world convened online for a Global Custodian webinar last month to discuss the significant growth seen in the ETF space and how servicers are able to facilitate that growth and keep their clients happy.

The Trillion Dollar Club

The fund administration market has boomed in the last decade, sprouting a fresh landscape of new providers, fund structures and services. Those at the top of the pile have taken full advantage of the purple patch, spawning a small clique of providers each now overseeing over $1 trillion worth of assets. Chris Lemmon looks at the reasons behind their success and the future grounds for growth.

Unshackling the island investment chain

Financial services have long played an important role in the Cypriot economy. Can funds and fund services sectors take advantage of local talent to grow beyond the demographic constraints of the local market?

Triparty: Who will manage the managers?

For much of their existence, triparty structures have been used primarily to support the financing needs of the sell-side. With a growing need for buy-side firms to manage collateral in new regulatory frameworks, what developments do triparty agents anticipate?

The superannuation crossroad

In an increasingly complex, competitive and evolving space, superannuation funds face decisions and realities in the coming years that will define their future. Tied to their fates are the custodians they partner with, which will have to work more closely with their clients than ever before in a market where only the best will survive.

Race to net-zero drives carbon offset opportunities

Institutional investors are diving deeper into the world of carbon offsets, and asset managers and asset servicers have opportunities to deliver new offerings to clients, ranging from data analysis on the impact of various offsets to accounting and reporting on these offsets.

Transfer agency: a simmering industry coming to the boil

When people speak about transfer agency, they often use words like ‘overlooked’ and ‘underrated’, and for a long time they wouldn’t have been far off the mark. However, those close to market now paint a different picture. Emerging technologies, value-added services and a more global proposition have given the industry a new buzz and a potentially new look for the future.

ETFs and CCP clearing: On the right track

The global ETF market has seen extraordinary growth since its inception almost 30 years ago, with the range of ETF products growing increasingly diverse and complex. In Europe, a high rate of settlement failures and general inefficiency in the market has meant there has been a drive to bring more ETF trades through central clearing, providing greater risk mitigation and operational efficiency. But is enough being done to facilitate that switch?