Prime Brokerage

Merrill Lynch To Take a Q4 Charge of $2.2 billion

Merrill Lynch said it will take a Q4 charge of $2.2 billion, mainly to cover the elimination of 9,000 jobs. Merrill said the job cut number includes all reductions since November, including a new round of 1,200 job cuts in

Mark D'Andrea And Warren Holmes in FT

Eagle eyed hedge fund managers and prime brokers scanning the usual crop of Managing Directorships handed about by the major investment banks will have spotted the names of Mark D'Andrea (Barclays Capital) and Warren Holmes (Morgan Stanley) in today's Financial

New Star Raises $180 million For Guaranteed Hedge Fund

New Star Asset Management the fund management company founded by John Duffield after his acrimonious departure from Jupiter, the company he sold to Commerzbank has proved its pulling power by raising $180 million on its debut in the capital guaranteed

20% Growth Seen In Hedge Fund Assets In 2002

For the second consecutive year, leading hedge fund advisory firm Parker Global Strategies is forecasting 20% plus growth in global allocations to hedge funds in 2002, with arbitrage strategies expected to net the biggest inflows of assets. "Hedge funds will

Trafalgar Capital Raises $40 million

Trafalgar Capital Management, a London based fund manager founded in 1999 and now chaired by former Conservative government minister Lord Strathclyde, has launched a $40 million long short equity fund. Some of the funds were already under management, but the