Fireside Friday with… Deutsche Börse’s Jens Hachmeister

Global Custodian and Jens Hachmeister, head of issuer services and new digital markets, delve into Deutsche Börse and Clearstream’s plans to introduce a fully digital, cloud-backed and DLT-ready post-trade platform enabling end-to-end digital securities processing.

Fireside Friday with… HSBC’s Chris Johnson

With the demands from asset managers for environmental, social and governance (ESG) data and transparency increasing exponentially, Chris Johnson, senior product manager, market data, securities services at HSBC, discusses how the service fits in with a custodian’s offering and the process that goes into creating a usable and suitable product.

GC Stories: Duane Shippey

BNY Mellon's Duane Shippey set up scholarship at his alma mater three years ago that has created a steppingstone for students to defeat the odds which can be stacked against them from an early age – particularly those from a minority background. Here he discusses what this kind of financial support and representation can bring, along with highlighting the racial inequality that remains across our society.