FOA Says CRD Should Not Be Imposed Unamended

The Futures and Options Association (FOA) believes that the Capital Requirements Directive (CRD), designed for deposit taking and investment businesses, should not be imposed on commodity market participants unamended. The FOA's position is the result of consultation with its members

Quadrant To Help Danish Banking Industry Achieve Basel II Compliancy

Bankdata, outsourced services supplier to the Danish Banking Industry, is partnering with Quadrant Risk Management (International) to provide Basel II compliant solutions to their customers. Bankdata is enhancing Quadrant's operational banking solutions to comply with the Basel II regulatory framework.

SunGard Launches MiFID Compliant Record Keeping Application

SunGard has launched the MiFID Hub application to help firms meet the increased recordkeeping requirements imposed by MiFID. The MiFID Hub, developed by SunGard's EXP business unit, incorporates ideas and feedback from more than 70 financial services institutions. MiFID requires

Survey Says 60% Of European Institutions Won't Meet MiFID Deadline

Waters Magazine is reporting that 60 percent of European financial institutions won't be ready for the 1 November 2007 MiFID deadline, according to a survey. The deadline could see many employees working through August, the traditional holiday period for most.

LECG To Acquire Financial Service Consulting Firm Secura

LECG LLC, a subsidiary of the strategic advisory firm LECG Corporation, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the Secura Group LLC, a privately held consulting firm focused on financial services and regulatory compliance. "Secura has a long history of