The day said to mark the end of greenwashing in Europe

We look at how readiness for Europe’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) has progressed in the build-up to the new rules, and whether this legislation really will lead to the end of so-called ‘greenwashing’.

A custody world seeking a new identity enters the front-to-back era

Mandates are being won and lost on front-to-back capabilities, meaning we are likely to see more partnerships between custodians and front-office providers. What does this shift mean for the future custody landscape and what are the costs and opportunities of these moves?

Market ‘woefully unprepared’ for Europe’s SFDR

Experts voice concerns over industry preparedness, data, extraterritoriality and more, ahead of the investment sustainability regulation hitting fund managers in a month’s time.

Analogue service in a digital world 

In its latest annual survey of the asset management industry, Deloitte drew a rather worrying conclusion for asset servicing providers, warning that when it comes to digitisation, asset servicers are not cutting the mustard. So what are service providers doing in response?

Switching the utility lights back on

With a greater need to reduce costs, custodians may be looking to partnerships and collaboration, possibly under a utility model. But with a poor track record of achieving this due to competition issues, are securities services firms finally ready to band together for the greater good – and what areas of asset servicing could be primed for this move?

Enter the dragon

China is opening up its $4.2 trillion capital market to foreign investors following a recent wave of regulatory relaxation. The race is now on for international custodians to set up shop and service both foreign and domestic fund managers.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail

It’s time to pay attention to settlement fails and improve efficiency. Here we discusses regulation, the impact of COVID-19 market volatility and how standards, automation and innovation can improve the process on a global scale.

SPONSORED: Collaboration is the route to preventing exceptions from turning into fails

The efficiency ceiling is being raised. Moving into 2021 and beyond, we expect to see data driven collaboration become the norm across the market, with all firms looking to achieve efficiency and optimisation as the market recognises that exceptions are easier to detect and quicker to resolve when the entire supply chain works as one.

Latin America: The good, the bad and the ugly

It’s impossible to encapsulate the sentiment around Latin America as a whole when each individual country is faring so differently in the eyes of investors, so here, Global Custodian looks at the development of the different parts of the region.

Peer power

Earlier this year four of North America’s largest pension funds set up a new association aimed at encouraging beneficial owners to take up peer-to-peer securities lending activities. Joe Parsons asks whether it is finally time for peer-to-peer trading to take off.

Business as unusual

Working remotely, digital relationship building, online conferences, e-signatures, automated processes, new cyber threats and a shift to the cloud are just some of the features of a new normal which combines the old world with our current reality in a hybrid-style model.

What’s in a label?

White label solutions have re-emerged as a trend for global custodians to offer their technology and global custody product to local banks. What is fuelling the white label custody model and is their potential for it to expand across securities services?