The shifting fund services landscape: Are you not entertained?

The most active M&A space in securities services is also one of the ripest for growth, while the fiercely competitive nature of the different players makes for an entertaining area of the market to observe.

Flipping the script

COVID couldn’t stop the active to passive migration, but could new vehicles flip the script?

Back with a bang

JP Morgan has spent the past few years replatforming its global alternatives investment services business. Now this project is complete, the bank is ready to make a statement.

Custodian’s ESG services: More than just a tickbox?

All custodians have an ESG data and analytics offering now, equipped with a narrative about its importance for a better world. But how are custodians differentiating their service from their peers, can you win mandates based on these capabilities, and can the services be a revenue generator in its own right?

Adapting to ETF innovation

With assets under management in ETFs nearing $9 trillion, innovation has taken off with products focusing on everything from ESG to Bitcoin. A growing number of asset managers are also converting mutual funds into actively managed ETFs, and interest in non-transparent ETFs is beginning to rise following their introduction last year. How are service providers catering for this innovation and what are the pressing needs from providers to support these products?

Sub-custody: The power of one

In the face of increasing regionalisation of sub-custody services, how are single market providers future-proofing their business? Following up on part one of our take on regional sub-custodians, Richard Schwartz investigates how single market providers are competing

Going private

Traditional asset managers increased their allocations to private market strategies in light of impressive returns and a need to counter the mounting pressures they face. Charles Gubert takes a look at how custodians are adapting their legacy servicing relationships to meet this trend, and how the technology platforms of both clients and providers will adapt.

Reshaping Europe’s funds landscape

Brexit, the pandemic and regulation have had profound impacts on three fund domiciles in particular, making for a story of break-ups, new beginnings and deepening rivalries, adding a dramatic twist to Europe’s fund landscape story, writes Jonathan Watkins.

Redrawing the custody map

Is the growth of regional sub-custody offerings a response to client demand or an inevitable development path dictated by economics?

Brexit: What happens now?

Following the UK’s official exit from the EU single market, regulators on both sides of the Channel appear to be splitting on post-trade regulations. What are the potential consequences for this on the post-trade industry?