Custody isn’t broke, so why is the SEC trying to fix it?

The SEC’s amendments to the custody rule with regards to the segregation of cash are ‘unworkable’, ‘will force custodians to exit the business’ and ‘effectively break the system’, according to experts at the very top of the asset servicing world.

The ELTIFs strike back

The EU hopes updates to the ELTIF (European Long Term Investment Fund) regulation will reverse the brand’s fortunes. Global Custodian looks at whether the changes will be enough to help ELTIFs recover.

Network management: So, what’s new?

Many of the exceptional global challenges of the past two or three years have landed on the desks of network managers to address. But have they changed the fundamentals of the network management function? Richard Schwartz reports.

The big shortening: The domino effect of the US move to T+1

The US has got the world talking when it comes to shortening settlement cycles, but where do other geographical markets stand when it comes to T+1? Jonathan Watkins explores where markets in Europe, Asia and Latin America stand with their own plans.

ETFs: Servicing a rapidly evolving landscape

The incredible growth in the ETF market has sprouted a wave of new products and players entering the space. Global Custodian’s Chris Lemmon analyses those trends and looks at how service providers are able to keep up in such a fast-moving environment.

The long road ahead to T+1

US regulators have set the date for the implementation of T+1, handing a wake-up call to the industry which has an extraordinary amount of work to do around automation, securities lending, FX, corporate actions and more in order to meet an ambitious go-live date, writes Jonathan Watkins.

What is tokenisation REALLY good for?

PoCs abound in the search for concrete applications of tokenisation to capital markets at a wholesale or institutional level. Has the dust now settled and what can we see?

MiCA: The European Union takes aim at the crypto ‘Wild West’

The European Commission’s sweeping Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulation seeks to lay the foundations for institutional digital asset standards across the European Union. Global Custodian looks under the hood of the new regulation, likely to be effective 2024, and at what it means for custodians operating across the continent.

Four-to-one odds

In the regionalisation of investment services, the Nordics have been something of a pioneer. How has this affected the competitive environment for inbound and outbound business? Richard Schwartz visited SEB, the region’s dominant custody provider, to find out.

Why geopolitical risk is now a priority for network managers

Contingency planning is now top of mind for most network managers following the pandemic and more recently the war in Ukraine. Some experts wonder if events in China will be the next geopolitical flashpoint to disrupt the financial system.

Slow out the blocks: Industry still acclimatising to life under CSDR

Delays, amendments, lockdowns, war – CSDR’s Settlement Discipline Regime began life at a time when unprecedented events have become the norm. Confusion, miscommunication and errors have plagued the regulation’s early days, but are its most challenging days now behind us?