How safe is your cloud?

Countless benefits of the cloud have seen banks, FMIs and asset managers move to the cloud, but cloud service provider concentration risk is a legitimate concern with three controlling around 60% of the global market share of cloud infrastructure services. We examine the regulatory scrutiny around CSP risk, how financial institutions can mitigate it, and whether the cloud really is as good as it seems.

CSDR: An industry united, a regulation divided

It has been a bumpy road on the journey to implementing CSDR in Europe, but with communication from legislators over the delayed introduction of mandatory buy-ins, it’s time to assess where we stand.

Custodians look to data on the the prowl for new revenues

Client appetite for data is on the rise, and it is something which a number of the leading global custodian banks are looking to capitalise on. Some experts even argue that the delivery of cutting-edge data solutions could eventually generate more revenues for custodians than their traditional services.

SFDR is the new GDPR for US managers

The EU’s sustainability regulation is already making an impact outside its jurisdiction, writes Jake Safane.

ESG pressures pile on private equity firms

ESG is widely embedded in the public markets, but it has been slower to gather momentum in private equity. However, pressure from investors and regulators is forcing the industry to change course. In response, a growing selection of service providers are stepping in to support private fund managers with their ESG challenges.

Securities lending innovation heats up

Innovation is flooding the global securities lending market with new FinTechs and agency lending firms launching services aimed at opening the practice to a wider range of firms. We look at the players making moves in this space.

Custodians rekindle their love for acquisitions through FinTechs

The collaboration of custodians and FinTechs has evolved into investments and sometimes outright acquisitions, but what happens when these established and large institutions bring in the people, technology, and culture of a smaller, agile and innovative setup?

SPACs: A new market for fund administrators

With the growth in popularity of special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs), what third-party support services are being sought after? Richard Schwartz investigates.

Unlocking the value of data for alternative asset managers

Service providers have touted the delivery of data analytics as something that can enhance alternative asset managers’ operations. But how are alternative investment firms and their service providers overcoming some of the challenges synonymous with data management? Asks Charles Gubert.

The Archegos Capital Management fallout

The disastrous entanglement with Archegos Capital Management and its spectacular collapse has left the prime brokerage industry reeling with over $10 billion in losses across the Street. The event has resulted in a major shift in attitudes around risk management, but how far-reaching will these changes be on their relationships with clients?

The shifting fund services landscape: Are you not entertained?

The most active M&A space in securities services is also one of the ripest for growth, while the fiercely competitive nature of the different players makes for an entertaining area of the market to observe.