Storing up trouble?

How has the enforced change in working environments brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic affected the functioning of corporate actions and company meetings? In the first of a two-part analysis, Richard Schwartz explores the scope of the challenge that issuers and their service providers are facing.

How ESG-friendly is securities lending?

As environmental, social and governance factors become ingrained on investment decisions, a landmark move by a Japanese pension fund has sparked an industry-wide debate over sustainability and securities lending.

Why I left my job at a custodian bank

Custodian banks are losing talent to FinTechs, digital asset firms and more flexible start-up cultures at an alarming rate. Jonathan Watkins explores whether this should be a worry for the world’s largest financial organisations and what they are doing to reverse the trend?

Asia’s funds arms race

Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore have recently introduced new corporate fund structures designed to be internationally competitive and to encourage asset managers to domicile investment funds in Asia-Pacific. But what are their chances of taking on UCITS?

Is there still a place for the boutique fund administrator?

In the fund administration world, the big are getting bigger, meaning the largest players have more assets, technology investment and economies of scale, so is there still a role to play for the boutique provider?

A brief history of 30 years in custody

GC contributors Charles and John Gubert reflect on some of the biggest events to impact the securities services industry over the last 30 years as the magazine caps off its landmark anniversary years.

Words and actions

By common consent, the area of corporate actions is one of the laggards in industry efforts to standardise and automate all aspects of post-trade securities processing. While the implications for any one event may be limited, inefficiency costs in aggregate.

Too big to ignore

A major uptick in private market investments is leading to more operational complexities, paving the way for asset servicing providers to step in with shiny new teams and business units ready to serve.

Utility Settlement Coin: A project the banks can get behind

The Utility Settlement Coin initiative will tokenise fiat currencies on an Ethereum-based blockchain addressing the ‘cash on a ledger’ problem and potentially transforming the post-trade process, and, most importantly, custodian banks are throwing their money behind it, writes Jonathan Watkins.

Network managers put sub-custody under the microscope

Network managers have had to ride the storm of regulatory and market changes, and are now through to the over side. But the impact it has had on their sub-custody relationships is profound.

The legacy of legacy technology

The securities services industry is still plagued with legacy technology systems that are 15-20 years old at a time when the rest of the world is moving forwards at an alarming pace with new technologies. Joe Parsons looks at how firms are identifying what needs to be changed or updated, and how they weigh up their options.

Adapting to a new outsourcing world

Much has been made of private equity funds taking the decision to outsource, but now they have – what new challenges and decisions are they being faced with? Charles Gubert reports.