GC Webcast: Outsourcing Middle- and Back-Office Functions: An assessment of perceived experience

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In today’s rapidly evolving investment landscape, organisations are constantly exploring innovative ways to improve efficiencies and focus on core competencies. Outsourcing internal functions has emerged as one strategic solution, with companies increasingly turning to third-party providers to help them along that journey.

This webinar, featuring a panel of esteemed experts, will analyse the evolving trends and attitudes to middle- and back-office outsourcing within the investment landscape – drawing on the results of recent research from SS&C Technologies and Global Custodian, which surveyed over 350 industry participants, including asset managers, hedge funds, banks and institutional asset owners.

Panellists will explore:

  • The rationale and decision-making process for organisations looking to outsource for the first time
  • Evaluating the potential cost savings and efficiency gains of outsourcing
  • Understanding the hesitations of organisations starting out on their outsourcing journey, and what providers can do to ease those concern
  • The importance of partnership and collaboration between organisations as they begin their outsourcing journey.

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