GC Webcast: Is traditional finance prepared for the digital asset era?

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The discussion around digital asset in capital markets has evolved in recent years to the point where we’re now looking at roadmaps to widespread adoption, with only a handful of hurdles remaining.

In this webinar we look at those making the move from traditional finance to digital assets: how trust is being built in the space, the development of regulation and how custody solutions are coming to the fore.

Key players from both the traditional financial services space join digital asset experts to assess who is moving the industry forward and what the future holds for the adoption of this burgeoning asset class.


Wed, Jun 30, 2021 · 1:00 PM BST 



Jean-Michel Pailhon, VP Business Solutions, Ledger Enterprise Solutions

Jean-Marc Stenger, CEO, Société Générale Forge

Lory Kehoe, Digital Asset & Blockchain Director, BNY Mellon

Olivier Dang, COO, Nomura

Yalini Isweran, Managing Director, Markets Strategy & Business Development, State Street

Jonathan Watkins (moderator), Managing Editor, Global Custodian