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GC Stories: Andrew Pitts-Tucker

After 25 years in financial services, Andrew Pitts-Tucker made the move of a lifetime out of the sector to focus on his passion for wildlife conservation in Africa. Andrew tells his tale of charity work, face-offs with poachers and applying lessons learnt from financial services to make a real difference in the country and how it inspired his move back to securities services to focus on ESG.

GC Stories: Daniel Hickey

Before his role as EMEA head of network management for Barclays, Daniel Hickey was an officer in the British army, completing two tours of Afghanistan and one of Sierra Leone during the Ebola crisis. In this captivating episode, Hickey tells his story and gives his perspectives on some important issues in the world right now.

GC Stories: Scott Coey

More people have been to space than have completed the 777 endurance race - 7 marathons in 7 continents in 7 days - but Scott Coey, formerly of BNY Mellon, stepped up to the challenge. He talks us through the epic adventure that took him through extreme conditions as he was spurred on by a great cause.

GC Stories: Vanessa Van Brunt

After serving 10 years as the first female Police Officer in Cranford, NJ, Vanessa Van Brunt made the jump to Wall Street where she held senior roles with Wells Fargo and BlackRock. In this episode, Van Brunt discusses stories from her time in the force where she worked on a variety of undercover assignments, narcotics task forces, and first-responder duty during 9/11 supporting NYPD

GC Stories: Pat Sanderson

Welcome to GC Stories, the podcast which tells incredible tales from familiar voices in the securities services industry. In this inaugural episode, we speak with Pat Sanderson, head of global client coverage in the UK at RBC I&TS, and formerly a professional rugby player.