The Future of Custody: Has the transition really taken place?

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The securities services industry knows where it needs to get to and what the next era of asset servicing could ideally look like; but how to get there and how long it will take – these are questions which need answering. Leading voices from the worlds of global custody, sub-custody and market infrastructure will gather in London on 30 May to discuss the future of the industry, touching on technology, digital assets and talent, while discussing settlement cycles – just two days after the US moves to T+1 – along with a range of other prominent trends facing asset servicers in 2024 and beyond.

Key themes:

  • What are the trends and technologies which will shape the future and where do we stand today? Touching on AI, tokenisation, cloud technology and more.
  • How will we get to the digital future we are envisioning? What could the journey look like?
  • Tokenisation is undeniably going to play a part in the future, but what is the next step for the industry in 2024 to take that leap from notion to a reality?
  • Experts will give their reaction to the T+1 transition just two days after go-live and how Europe and the rest of the world will be following the results carefully
  • How will the industry retain, attract and develop talent to build the industry of the future and will the required skillset change?
  • How will the way custodians deliver data change in the future? What new tools around processing and analytics are coming to the fore and how are they changing relationships and the way data is shared?
  • How might relationships between global and sub-custodians change in the future?