Custody 2020: A documentary | 24 September | Virtual

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Global Custodian is delighted to present a unique event for the securities services industry in the form of a documentary to be premiered globally on 24 September.

The short film will explore the most prominent themes in asset servicing, as told by the winners of our coveted Leaders in Custody awards and will be free to view for the publication’s readers around the world.

With our prestigious annual awards ceremony unable to go ahead in its traditional format due to the pandemic, we decided after much consideration and consultation, that a story of custody in 2020 and beyond would be a perfect replacement.

An industry first, the format honours our award winners, giving them a voice to tell the story, while uniting and engaging the securities services industry through an open forum discussion during the premiere. Questions can be submitted to a live panel which will extend the discussion after the film ends.

The film will also feature guest appearances from asset management clients and network managers.

The story will focus on trends in the industry shown through Global Custodian’s annual survey results, along with discussing innovation, the key to meeting customer demands and high client service levels, and how the asset servicing model has evolved.

Due to the geographical scope of our winners, the interviews will focus on a range of countries and regions and will be premiered at three different times on the 24 September in order to ensure the feature reaches a range of market participants.

The premier will run for 45 minutes, with the ensuing panel discussion with leading industry figures lasting an addition 45 minutes.

The event

While our annual awards take a different format this year, we will still be announcing winners of the following categories:

  • Agent Banks in Major Markets Global Excellence Awards
  • Agent Banks in Emerging Markets Global Excellence Awards
  • Leading Client Awards
  • Innovation Awards
  • Editors Choice Awards
  • Industry Legends Award
  • Network Manager of the Year Award