Fund Services 2020: A documentary

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What does it take to be a difference maker in prime brokerage and fund servicing?

Drawing lessons from Global Custodian’s annual industry surveys, this documentary looks at how standards across technology, operations, financing, and middle- and back-office offerings from prime brokers and fund admins, have adapted and improved for the better.

Through interviews with winners of Global Custodian’s Industry Leaders Awards 2020 and hedge fund clients, senior figures from across the prime brokerage, fund administration and custody, as well as the technologies that serve them, we will deliver an in-depth look at the evolution of alternatives fund servicing over the next decade and what will make the difference in retaining and winning new business in years to come?

The winners of the awards will be announced at the end of the documentary and a live panel featuring a handful of our winners will also explore the themes from the production in more depth, in addition to answering your questions.

Join us at 10 ET on 10 December. Registration is free for all Global Custodian readers and a live panel will follow the screening.