VERMEG and LiquidShare partner to integrate their platforms

The integration will allow custodians using MEGARA to provide custody services of assets issued in LiquidShare.

By Wesley Bray

Digital solutions provider VERMEG and Paris-based FinTech LiquidShare have announced the connectivity of MEGARA with LiquidShare to improve settlements of crypto assets using blockchain technology.

The partnership will also help service the custody of crypto assets.

Institutional and client demand to extend traditional custody and asset servicing to the crypto investment class has been received by the regulated securities custody industry.

To meet this demand, VERMEG has established an A2A connection between VERMEG’s MEGARA and LiquidShare Platform which allows custodians using MEGARA to provide custody of assets issued in LiquidShare.

“It is my pleasure to announce that MEGARA, already connected to various blockchain platforms providing custody services for traditional and crypto assets, has added the connectivity and support of full cycle settlement on LiquidShare to its catalogue,” said Boujemaa Khaldi, product director at VERMEG.

“By connecting both solutions, we offer our clients faster time-to-market capability to extend their services and increase their business. LiquidShare is an important player in blockchain custody, and this partnership will accelerate the adoption by custodians of one single solution to support custody of all types of assets.”

In additional to addressing market demand, LiquidShare becomes one of the first blockchain platforms to offer connectivity to a leading custody platform.

“The integration of MEGARA with our platform is an important step in the adoption of LiquidShare as the main provider of blockchain solutions for issuing and settling crypto assets,” said Jean-Marc Eyssautier, chief executive officer of LiquidShare.

“MEGARA is a leading solution for custodians and this connectivity will allow its clients immediate access to assets managed in LiquidShare.”