UnaVista adds 25 technology vendors to SFTR partner programme

Partner firms signed up for UnaVista's SFTR trade repository include Calypso Technology, EquiLend, IHS Markit, MarketAxess, Trax and Murex.

By Joe Parsons

Trade repository UnaVista has onboarded 25 independent software vendors (ISVs) within its partner programme for securities financing transactions regulation (SFTR) reporting.

Partner firms include Calypso Technology, EquiLend, IHS Markit, MarketAxess, Trax and Murex.

The ISVs will be connected directly into UnaVista, which is owned by the London Stock Exchange Group, enabling their clients to report all their required securities financing transactions through their existing connection to the trade repository.

“We have been working with the industry for a number of years now to create a network of connected market participants. This gives clients options as to how they want to report, to make it as simple as possible for the industry,” said Mark Husler, CEO, UnaVista.

“Our Partner Programme has also inspired new product innovations that not only help firms to reduce the burden of accessing their data but can also help them improve their matching, data enrichment and reporting.” The Partner Programme was launched in February 2017 and now incorporates over 75 technology and consulting firms.

UnaVista recently announced it will be working with LCH Group’s RepoClear and CC&G to give clearing members the option of assisted reporting. It is also working with SFTR trading venues such as MTS and EquiLend to provide a simplified way for their clients to route data straight to UnaVista for reporting. 

Ahead of SFTR reporting go-live in April 2020, users can simulate their reporting and perform data gap analysis using UnaVista’s Accelerator tool.

Current SFTR trade repositories also include REGIS-TR and DTCC’s Global Trade Repository (GTR). IHS Markit, Pirum Systems and Rabobank most recently completed an end-to-end test for SFTR reporting to DTCC’s trade repository.