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A custody world seeking a new identity enters the front-to-back era

Mandates are being won and lost on front-to-back capabilities, meaning we are likely to see more partnerships between custodians and front-office providers. What does this shift mean for the future custody landscape and what are the costs and opportunities of these moves?

Analogue service in a digital world 

In its latest annual survey of the asset management industry, Deloitte drew a rather worrying conclusion for asset servicing providers, warning that when it comes to digitisation, asset servicers are not cutting the mustard. So what are service providers doing in response?

Switching the utility lights back on

With a greater need to reduce costs, custodians may be looking to partnerships and collaboration, possibly under a utility model. But with a poor track record of achieving this due to competition issues, are securities services firms finally ready to band together for the greater good – and what areas of asset servicing could be primed for this move?