Pershing announces new centralised portal for investment managers

Pershing says new portal will deliver simplified account access and model delivery process.

By Jon Watkins

Pershing has unveiled a new portal for clients, upgrading its manager workstation in order to offer a new consolidated digital solution focused on automation and ease of access.

The BNY Mellon-owned company said the centralised portal will deliver “simplified account access and a seamless model delivery process”.

Pershing’s said its new Manager Gateway will help asset managers act on service requests and orders, reducing duplicative efforts and automatically collect and process information on behalf of their clients.

Approximately 400 asset managers who deliver advisory investment solutions to Pershing clients are expected to have access to Manager Gateway enhanced workstation by the end of Q4 2019.

A phased migration to the new model workflow functionality will begin in Q4 2019, with completion also expected by mid-year 2020.

“Demand for model portfolios continues to rise, as advisors increasingly look to scale their business and focus on delivering added value to clients,” said Sarah Chain, director of global strategy and product management at Pershing.

“Manager Gateway will make it easier and more seamless for investment managers to build, manage and deliver models so they can better meet the evolving needs of advisors.”

Pershing added that the gateway will use a single ID for easy access to all accounts, account details, billing, corporate actions, transactions and on-demand performance reports.