John Gubert: The Regulatory Straitjacket

From the main sessions through to the new innovation of a compliance forum, SWIFT is a welcome catalyst for debate on regulation. But am I alone in believing that we are now living in a more dangerous world, where compliance with regulation is becoming almost impossible?

Pre-Sibos: Our Sun Is Sinking Too

Although we are never short of advice that our industry is in a state of permanent revolutionary change, even a cursory perusal of the agenda is a reminder that securities services changes a lot less than the management consultants would have us believe, says Global Custodian Editor-in-Chief Dominic Hobson.

Why 2012 Is a Critical Year for Sibos

This years Sibos in Osaka, Japan, will be key for SWIFT as the organization increasingly targets Asia Pacific amidst increased inbound and outbound investment activity in the region.

Hedge Funds Gearing Up Advertising Campaigns in Wake of JOBS Act

Anthony Scaramucci, founder and managing partner of the $6.5 billion fund of hedge fund firm SkyBridge Capital, said at a conference last week in New York that his ads are ready to go now that a new rule in the U.S. allows hedge funds to begin advertising for the first time in more than 80 years.