HSBC launches new investor reporting portal for European issuers

The portal is underpinned by API technology, which the bank has been rolling out across its wider securities services business.

By Joe Parsons

HSBC has launched a new investor reporting portal for European debt issuers and investors to access data on their securities and portfolio holdings in real-time and over mobile devices.

The HSBC Investor Reporting portal is being introduced for securitisations and will allow clients of the bank’s issuer services business to view information directly themselves and share it with regulators and the other parties involved in transactions.

The portal is compatible with smartphone and tablet technology so that clients can obtain the information while out of the office as well as being able to remotely download documents, undertake bespoke searches and receive notifications about changes to their securities or portfolio holdings.

“We developed the portal to enable our clients to manage their transactions more effectively,” said Karen Lomax, head of issuer services Europe, HSBC. “Clients now interact differently with data and expect to be able to access it anytime, anywhere without requesting it from intermediaries. We wanted to empower them to do just that, which is why we have put a strong focus on creating a mobile-friendly tool.”

HSBC said its issuer services clients will be able to see a wide range of information, including interest or redemption payments, the performance of collateral underlying transactions, information around deal counterparties, ratings of key counterparties and dates of collections and distributions.

The portal is also underpinned by Application Programming Interface (API) technology, which the bank has been rolling out across its wider securities services business.

Over the past year, it has been implementing new ‘Universal Adapters’ tools as part of the bank’s overall strategy to eliminate the challenges associated with legacy technologies through a strangler methodology.

This is done by wrapping its securities services legacy platforms in a layer of APIs called the ‘Unity’ framework that chips away at the underlying tech, while at the same time, standardising data and information flows to its custody clients.

The investor reporting portal also forms part of a broader suite of services offered by the HSBC Issuer Services analytics team. These include asset and liability modelling as well as portfolio performance and stratification reporting. The portal also supports some European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) regulatory reporting.

“Our objective was to enhance our clients’ experience of HSBC and simplify their daily tasks. With the mobile-friendly portal HSBC Investor Reporting, we are also giving them more control over their transaction data,” said Giovanni Fenocchi, global head of issuer services, HSBC.