Global Custodian to open London awards with industry panel discussion on sub-custody

Speakers from Deutsche Bank, BNY Mellon, State Street, JP Morgan and Euroclear to cover most pressing industry trends before Leaders in Custody awards on 3 May.

By Editors

Global Custodian has partnered with Deutsche Bank to host a panel discussion on evolving sub-custody landscape prior to its London awards ceremony – Leaders in Custody – on the 3 May.  

Admission to the session is not dependent on whether individuals are attending the awards gala in the evening, and Global Custodian readers can register by clicking here. 

Moderated by Global Custodian’s special projects editor, Richard Schwartz, the all-star panel line-up includes Anand Rengarajan, Deutsche Bank’s global head of sales and head of Asia Pacific, securities services; Steve Wager, head of global markets management, BNY Mellon; Chris Rowland, head of custody, State Street; Hannah Elson, global head of custody, JP Morgan; and Ivan Nicora, head of Investor Services, Euroclear. 

Among the discussion topics will be the development of tokenised assets, shortening of settlement cycles and evolving needs of end clients. The panel will also look at the shifting landscape of providers. 

“The prominent trends we see within the sub-custody industry at this moment in time will likely carry us through the next few years, rendering this period as somewhat of a bridge between the traditional and the new,” wrote Schwartz, Global Custodian special projects editor. 

This panel discussion will dig into these trends and provide views from global custodians, sub-custodians and market infrastructures on the topic, covering how the challenges and opportunities will impact the value chain, alongside touching on regional themes and what clients are looking for in their service providers.” 

You can watch last year’s panel discussion prior to the awards titled The future of custody: Where could the securities services industry do better? by clicking here.