Global Custodian partners with Tokenbridge on new educational series around blockchain and tokenisation

A series of educational articles will be posted weekly covering blockchain, smart contracts, tokenisation and much more.

By Editors

Global Custodian is pleased to announce the start of a new series of educational articles aimed at breaking down the concepts of the different aspects of tokenisation, in partnership with Tokenbridge.

The series – which will launch next Friday – will be called Tokenbriefs and will provide explainers on a range of topics including blockchain, smart contracts and interoperability.  

There will also be articles on oracles, model portfolios and standards, as we look to provide our readers with explainers at the advent of an era of tokenisation. 

“We talk so much about tokenisation and it’s potential in the securities space with an assumption that everyone has the same level of understanding about the technology, but there are very few explainers out there within our industry,” said Jon Watkins, managing editor of Global Custodian. “This is a great chance to take a step back and look behind some of the terms we hear about so frequently, because it does seem that tokenisation will transform the securities world, even if we’re not entirely sure when its full potential will be realised.” 

Global Custodian has taken the opportunity to partner with our recently awarded FinTech One to Watch recipient Tokenbridge, on the series, to tap into its knowledge on tokenisation driven by its leadership team of experienced securities services leaders. 

The start-up is looking at the tokenised fund space, and helping wealth managers, fund managers and infrastructure providers move into the digital future, where the firm points out that “traditional financial advice is expensive and unsuited to the way the world is headed”.  

“We’re delighted to partner with Global Custodian on this project that explains the important concepts and component parts of blockchain and tokenization in language aimed at fund managers, wealth managers and FMI’s,” said Daron Pearce, executive chair of Tokenbridge. 

“We’re at the precipice of a transformation for this industry through tokenisation so there is no better time to launch a series of educational articles on all the important aspects of this new world at this time of excitement and opportunity.” 

The first article ‘Blockchain 1-2-3’ will go live next week.