GC and McLagan join forces to transform customer satisfaction surveys

Global Custodian magazine and McLagan will survey clients of the custodian and investment banks active in the securities services industry.

By Joe Parsons

Global Custodian (“GC”), the leading publication for the securities services industry, and Aon McLagan Investment Services (“McLagan”), which provides financial and compensation benchmarking services to the securities services industry, have formed a partnership to survey clients of the custodian and investment banks active in the securities services industry.

Under the terms of the partnership agreement, McLagan will provide a fully outsourced survey service to GC, including the creation and distribution of survey questionnaires, the management of the survey process, the collection and analysis of the survey responses, and the preparation of the results and the accompanying texts published in GC.

GC, which has conducted surveys of the securities services industry for nearly 30 years, will continue to deliver all other aspects of the surveys published in the magazine. This includes the hosting of the annual awards dinners in London and New York, all advertising and sponsorship associated with the surveys, including badges of excellence.

“We are delighted to join forces with McLagan, which has a well-deserved reputation for excellence in data collection and analysis,” said Richard Schwartz, senior contributing editor and special projects director at GC.  “Between us, we can offer our clients and the clients of our clients an excellent technology platform, a high standard of service during the survey process, and a guarantee of quality and independence in the preparation of the results. The partnership also ensures that our survey framework is compliant with the upcoming GDPR regulations.”

“By joining forces with GC, we are adding an established portfolio of client experience surveys to data we already collect data about headcount, compensation and financial performance,” added Dominic Hobson, consulting adviser to McLagan Investment Services. “We are confident we can add value to the surveys by marrying client perception data to the hard data. This partnership will enable us to detect areas of strength and weakness, explain them, and give banks pointers on where to invest and disinvest.”