Clearstream launches analytics solution as part of FNZ tie-up

New analytics service will offer asset manager access to global and regional intelligence to analyse market trends and behaviour.  

By Chris Lemmon

Clearstream has partnered with wealth management platform FNZ to launch a business analytics solution for the UK and European asset management industry. 

Through use of the solution, asset managers will gain access to global and regional intelligence to analyse market trends and behaviour to improve decision making around fund distribution. 

The two companies will also support asset managers with their European fund distribution operations, tapping Clearstream’s fund dealing and custody solution, and FNZ’s wealth management platform. 

Investment distribution information is currently fragmented and there is very little connectivity across the industry, FNZ said in a statement, meaning asset managers need to seek information from wherever they distribute funds. 

Philippe Seyll, CEO of Clearstream Banking and head of investment fund services, said the partnership enables the firm to grow its global network of fund execution and distribution partners. “We are thrilled to have FNZ as a strategic partner to our leading Clearstream Funds Services,” he said. “The new collaboration perfectly contributes to Clearstream’s endeavour to foster efficiency of financial markets, by providing high-quality data, state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and innovative services for market participants worldwide.” 

Adrian Durham, CEO at FNZ Group, added: “The partnership and our newly unveiled business intelligence solution will allow us to significantly enhance our support for asset managers by dramatically increasing transparency across the entire industry. 

“This will help us to deliver significant operational efficiencies, reduce friction and enhance the customer experience – furthering FNZ’s mission of opening up wealth and making wealth management accessible to more people.”