Citi’s Michele Pitts wins Global Custodian’s North America Industry Person of the Year 2023

Citi’s North America global custody product management head scoops coveted award for efforts around the T+1 transition.  

By Editors

Global Custodian is pleased to announce that Citi’s Michele Pitts has picked up the coveted North America Industry Person of the Year award at the Industry Leaders event in New York last night.  

Pitts, who serves as North America global custody product management head at Citi, has been a leading industry advocate for the move to T+1 settlement for US equities, not just within her own organisation, but across the industry.  

Globally, she has been a catalyst for the T+1 revolution, guiding clients through a series of roadshow events, webinars and educational collateral. Pitts’ advocacy efforts are also represented through the ISITC Custodian Forum, and the Association of Global Custodians T+1 Working Group, where she serves on both as a co-chair.  

Pitts was also an early partner with DTCC around industry preparedness. Her knowledge, insights and leadership have been fundamental to Citi’s own successful implementation and longer-term collaboration with key partners.  

This year alone, she has participated in innumerable panels, webinars and podcasts, while also conducting workshops with hundreds of clients across the US, Europe and Asia to help them prepare for the upcoming move.  

Pitts has spent 27 years with Citi throughout a range of custody roles and has delivered a range of achievements for the securities services giant during her career.  

Speaking last night, Pitts said: “It is an honour to be recognised as having made an impact to our industry and a driving force behind Citi’s T+1 initiatives. Through this continuous client and industry engagement, we have a better sense of the challenges and pain points which enable us to position solutions to support and aid our clients through this important market change.”