S&P Global Market Intelligence launches onboarding accelerator tool for securities finance

Automated and customisable end-to-end solution will enhance onboarding efficiency.

By Richard Schwartz

S&P Global Market Intelligence has integrated its Onboarding Accelerator tool into its securities finance platform, allowing for improved transparency and efficiency for clients.  

“The legacy onboarding processes tends to rely on spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls with risks of human errors, miscommunication, and delays,” said Kabin George, global head of securities finance product management, S&P Global Market Intelligence. “The new automated onboarding solution will greatly enhance efficiencies and improve client experience by allowing users to exchange, view and update documents whilst monitoring the status of the process from initiation through to execution seamlessly.” 

The tool offers improved controls and standards as well as advanced portfolio assessment reports that identify potential lending revenues and asset qualities in a portfolio.

The Portfolio Assessment Report (PAR), a key feature, will allow front-office and business management functions to evaluate portfolios and select accounts for prioritisation. It places the data into an easily accessible format providing key information on a portfolio’s composition and potential value. 

At a functional level the onboarding tool will enable users to specify documentation requirements, request additional data and raise questions all within the platform, submit to multiple brokers with the ability to mask any critical account information from specific front office functions and backfill historical accounts to acquire one single source copy of all accounts.