Sonic Software Provides Messaging Tools For RosettaNet

Sonic Software Provides Messaging Tools For RosettaNet
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Sonic Software says it has manufactured the software application which automates corporate payment processing in a joint RosettaNet-SWIFT corporate-to-bank XML international payment services pilot project.

The pilot will see payment processing between TeliaSonera (a European telecommunications operator) and one of its counterparties automated, with Nordea (the Scandinavian banking group) providing the bank intermediation. TeliaSonera and its counterparty will exchange billing and payment remittance advice electronically via RosettaNet, using TeliaSonera’s eCenter messaging services, which in turn use Sonic Software technology to forward SWIFT corporate-to-business XML messages to Nordea for payment initiation, ensuring timely and secure message delivery.

“The Sonic Suite provides TeliaSonera with a flexible set of tools and technology to participate in the payments project as both a corporate buyer and service provider, and the unique ability to extend our infrastructure to support a new level of multi-enterprise business process automation,” says Pekka Nurmiranta, Vice President for TeliaSonera Finland Oyj Service Solutions. “Sonic ESB enables internal and inter-company integration of our invoicing and payment processes, while the Orchestration Server manages the complex interactions into a single process.”

“This RosettaNet-SWIFT payment services project shows the power of industry standards harmonisation in action,” adds Gordon Van Huizen, CTO for Sonic Software. “TeliaSonera has not only advanced corporate payment processing, theyre proving that the ESB approach to internal and B2B integration can bring about significant business agility.”

Sonic Software is an integration and middleware with over 500 customers in financial services, energy, telecommunications and manufacturing. It is part of the Nasdaq-listed Progress Software Corporation, a $300 million company headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts.