Sibos to go digital again in 2021 as SWIFT eyes in-person Amsterdam event in 2022

The 43rd instalment of Sibos will be digital, as SWIFT plans for a return to physical events in October 2022.

By Jonathan Watkins

SWIFT has announced it will once again make Sibos a free, digital-only event for 2021 to ensure the safest and best possible experience for its global community. 

The event had been set to take place in Singapore from 11-14 October. 

Building on the success of its inaugural digital Sibos event and followup monthly sessions, the standout financial services event for the payments and securities industry will once again be a four-day online experience. 

SWIFT were quick to announce the cancellation of Sibos Boston 2020 last year as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold on a global scale. Despite some optimism around the return of physical events following the rollout of vaccinations across the world, SWIFT has once again taken a precautionary approach to Sibos, which can attract up to 10,000 delegates from around the world. 

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact the way people live and work, and while progress is being made toward recovery, much uncertainty remains about the outlook for the virus and the evolution of mobility and travel restrictions this year,” SWIFT said in a statement. In light of this, and after consulting widely with our customers and partners, SWIFT has taken a decision to keep Sibos a free, digital-only event for 2021 to ensure the safest and best possible experience for the global Sibos community. 

SWIFT did make clear its intentions to return to an in-person event for its Amsterdam Sibos in October 2022. 

The digital Sibos in 2021 – while without the sought-after networking opportunities of a physical meet – did have benefits such as pulling in some of the biggest names and chief executives across the banking world.  

Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan was one of the headline speakers at the event which also saw the top brass from BNY Mellon, Citi and State Street participate 

SWIFT said it will build on the strength of our first all-digital event in 2020 to drive engagement on key and emerging issues through diverse speakers and thought-leadership, spark connections through new collaborative networking initiatives and provide more of the insight and inspiration that is unique to Sibos.  

Last year, Global Custodian wrote about the positives of opening up Sibos to a wider audience by offering free registration. To read the piece, click here.