Sharegain goes live with public cloud connectivity to SWIFT

Service aims to simplify and streamline access to SWIFT messaging for securities lending and capital markets clients. 

By Richard Schwartz

Capital markets FinTech Sharegain has become the first company globally to go live with SWIFT public cloud connectivity, enabling full SWIFT messaging capabilities for its clients and their custodians via the cloud. 

“Being the first company globally to offer its clients SWIFT public cloud connectivity underscores Sharegain’s innovative, market-leading and transformational use of technology, to both enhance client experience and move the industry forward toward more efficient, transparent and open capital markets,” said Boaz Yaari, Sharegain CEO and founder.  

“I am proud of our team picking up the baton and playing a key role in helping SWIFT, a foundational capital markets infrastructure player, develop the Alliance Connect Virtual product for the benefit of the entire market. This collaboration provides a perfect example of what can be achieved when top tier global players and trailblazing FinTechs collaborate for the benefit of all capital market participants.” 

On 28 April 2022, SWIFT launched public cloud connectivity to its network and applications. Partnering with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. SWIFT said the “move will streamline the way financial institutions can connect to the world’s leading financial messaging service. It’s also an opportunity to drive new innovation opportunities while ensuring robust resilience and security.” 

 Sharegain’s Securities Lending as a Service (SLaaS) solution aims to empower investors with income generating solutions that were previously restricted to big financial institutions. It also removes the overhead for clients of sending SWIFT instructions to their custodians. The firm says its tech stack can connect any client to any custodian via a simple integration.