SGSS partners with Euronext for new funds solution

Service for open-ended funds is designed to take advantage of new automated infrastructure solutions.

By Joe Parsons

Societe Generale Securities Services (SGSS) will work alongside a new open-ended funds service launched by pan-European exchange Euronext.

As a fund agent registered with Euronext, SGSS will process orders placed by investor through their brokers, from order reception to settlement.

The service will go live on 15 May, enabling institutional and retail investors an automated subscription service to invest in UCITS and AIF registered or passported funds in France.

The Euronext Fund Service builds on new technologies developed by fintech companies, in particular robo-advisors, in order to develop new automated infrastructure solutions.

“We are convinced of the importance of these initiatives and actively support innovative changes which highlight both the expertise available on the Paris market and the capacity to adapt its infrastructures in response to market expectations,” said Mathilde Guérin, head of product engineering, SGSS.

“It is also an opportunity to support our asset manager clients in their commercial development through the diversification of their distribution and collection channels.”