Pirum integrates BNY Mellon US triparty collateral schedules into CollateralConnect

Collaboration leverages BNY Mellon’s automated delivery service and integrates the firm’s triparty schedule and collateral acceptability data into Pirum’s collateral management services. 

By Richard Schwartz

Pirum’s CollateralConnect, an enterprise-wide, cross-asset collateral management service, now includes BNY Mellon’s North American collateral schedules. The CollateralConnect service can be leveraged by North American clients to achieve an enterprise-wide solution that centralises collateral management across various collateral venues and underlying products.  

The extension of the digitised eligibility service to include the additional BNY Mellon triparty schedules within CollateralConnect allows businesses to optimise collateral deployment and supports decision making to raise or transform collateral to better meet margin obligations. In addition, the service examines collateral allocation compliance with regulatory requirements such as UK CASS, EU MiFID, and US Dodd-Frank. 

“With the addition of BNY Mellon’s North American triparty collateral schedules, our clients in the region can now benefit from those digitised eligibility schedules as part of their efforts to achieve efficient collateral management by providing an automated centralised schedule repository.”