New Broadridge dashboard provides insight into company ESG ratings

Service covers sustainability and ESG ratings and rankings along with benchmarking performance against peers.

By Richard Schwartz

Broadridge Financial Solutions has launched an ESG Dashboard to help companies better understand and monitor their ESG ratings. 

The new dashboard provides companies with a single, streamlined consensus view of their ESG ratings and rankings based upon multiple sources, enabling them to better monitor and understand the drivers of their ESG performance. 

Companies can pinpoint where they currently stand, determine how they can improve their ESG ratings and gain insight into their performance across environmental, community, employee, and governance issues.

Composite scores, based on 807 sources, are available on a complimentary basis with more granular information available for purchase.

Broadridge notes that more comprehensive disclosures from companies help build a more robust ESG ecosystem that better supports investment decisions, portfolio construction, supply-chain management and human resources. 

“The Broadridge ESG Dashboard enables companies to reduce the noise and concentrate on the key issues and data to better understand where they stand and how to better focus their efforts,” said Dorothy Flynn, president of Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions. “With asset managers increasingly focused on ESG-issues, companies need an easy tool that allows them to see through the clutter.”