MUFG Investor Services expands LP Services to Europe and Asia

Expansion comes following demand for limited partner services from private equity and real estate funds, among others.

By Jonathan Watkins

MUFG Investor Services has expanded its limited partner (LP) services offering to Europe and Asia as part of a wider expansion of its alternatives fund administration business.

The broadening of its North American offering comes in response to increased market demand for LP services globally by private equity, real estate and other institutional investors, MUFG said.

“We are pleased to announce the expansion of our LP services platform worldwide, filling a regional void that can provide quality and consistency to clients operating on a global scale,” said Mike Dickey, head of product at MUFG Investor Services.

“This expanded offering, which includes a number of optimised platforms, builds off MUFG IS’s commitment to high quality service and our ability to deliver flexible solutions that are heavily automated, transparent and meet the needs of our client’s daily operating environment.”

The offering automates data extraction and optimises specificity and accuracy to make functionality compatible with modern administrative functions and technology.

MUFG’s platform for LPs includes endtoend workflows, automated data extraction, normalisation and processing of core transaction, valuation and quarterly statements.

The securities services provider said that through automation of the frontend data processing and validation, it can focus more on services of portfolio transparency, performance analytics and other reporting value drivers for its clients.

MUFG has expanded its fund services offering in recent years through product launches and acquisitions. Most recently, it launched a contingent NAV solution for mutual funds, while the unit also completed the acquisition of Maitland’s hedge fund administration business back in 2019.