Linedata Launches BPM Suite for Fund Servicing

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By Jake Safane(2147484770)
Linedata has launched a new suite of business process management (BPM) tools called Linedata Optima, designed specifically for fund accounting and administration, and which will run across Linedata’s suite of fund servicing solutions.

The suite has been created to remove the manual nature of managing complex work processes, exception and process monitoring. Linedata Optima presents a real-time view of automated processing and exception messages on a single screen. The tools also allow information to be shared more widely throughout the organization, with specific views built for different user profiles, allowing errors and delays to be dealt with as soon as possible, while also improving efficiency, control and oversight and reducing operational risk.

“We see built-in BPM functionality as the way forward for fund administrators wishing to deploy this type of process,” says Gert Raeves, research director at CEB TowerGroup. We see little appetite for large, stand-alone BPM solutions which lack the domain expertise for the specific workflows required. Built-in BPM solutions enable vendors to give their clients a way to make better use of the underlying system’s automation, an improved view of on-going processes and therefore a reduction of operational risk.”

“Our clients tell us they strive to meet increasing internal and external client requirements and regulatory demands,” says Paul Westgate, product manager at Linedata Back Office Asset Management. “Linedata has created Linedata Optima to help all our Back Office clients become more efficient, whilst gaining greater control over their workflow and reducing operational risk. Linedata Optima is an important innovation because, as a BPM tool, it doesn’t just deliver a one-off improvement, it gives our clients the means to constantly improve, standardize and further automate their processes.”