Intertrust Group brings new, integrated ESG data solution to private fund managers

New initiative aims to address growing new data and risk analysis requirements arising from regulation.

By Richard Schwartz

Intertrust Group has launched a new, end-to-end ESG data gathering and analytics solution for private fund managers.  

Typically, private capital firms struggle to access robust data, making it difficult to meet stringent new demands for ESG-specific information and analysis. 

Pressure has been mounting on GPs [General Partners] with the increase in ESG regulation, including the ongoing sustainable finance disclosure regulation (SFDR) requirements across the European Union. As private funds await the next iteration of SFDR in 2022 and sustainable investments continue to soar, “there is an urgent need for GPs to ensure they are ESG-ready and not seen to be taking part in superficial ‘greenwashing’ activities,” says the fund services provider.  

The new solution is designed to help GPs meet ongoing, critical ESG demands and allows for the outsourcing of back-office activities such as data gathering and analytics. It will evolve in line with regulatory and market demands.

“As more and more investors look to enter sustainable investing, and governments continue to roll out new ESG regulations, the ability to effortlessly track, analyse, and learn from ESG data is paramount for investors and managers,” said Chitra Baskar, COO and global head of funds and product at Intertrust Group. “Our step-by-step solution provides private fund managers with the ESG insights they need to best manage their portfolios, via a single, intuitive platform alongside access to related tools and expertise.” 

The solution supports local currencies and metrics, ESG data management for illiquid assets, and ongoing updates to local carbon emissions factors. It also offers data validation features, removing potential formatting issues and ensuring clients can trust the insights and reporting.

The launch reinforces a growing trend for fund services firms to engage in a practical way with private equity ESG concerns and requirements. Over the past year, both Apex and MUFG have introduced new ESG reporting and advisory services for private funds.