Global Custodian releases ABMM Market Snapshots for 2016

Global Custodian's new ABMM Market Snapshots will offer custodians a quick and simple overview of how they compare with the competition.
By Global Custodian

For over 25 years, Global Custodian has been surveying client perception of agent bank service provision. The results, published online and in Global Custodian magazine, provide an overview of each market and a write up of its main service providers. The survey write-ups, however, draw on several thousand data points. Inevitably, what is published in the context of the survey write-ups is but a selection of the information available.

While in-depth, provider-specific, analysis is available through our research department, there has long been a demand from subscribers and service providers alike for more information at a country level to allow individual scores to be put into context. The ABMM Market Snapshots are designed to fill this gap.

Each Market Snapshot includes:

Weighted scores for all rated providers across all 10 service categories, including those agents that received more than a single client response, but whose share of responses for that market was not sufficient for a full write up;

Category scores at a market level, compared both to the previous year and to the global averages;

A market summary, explaining the key comparisons;

Charts of category scores at a market level by both client type and client size.

Used in conjunction with the provider assessments published as part of the ABMM survey, these Market Snapshots allow both clients and providers to understand the context in which individual scores have been awarded.