Global Custodian announces winners of Leaders in Custody awards 2022

Citi, Deutsche Bank, Euroclear, Standard Chartered and BNP Paribas Securities Services were among the recipients of multiple awards at the gala dinner at The Savoy, London last night.

By Editors

Global Custodian is delighted to announce the winners of its prestigious annual Leaders in Custody awards, which took place at The Savoy, London last night. 

The biggest winners from the evening were Standard Chartered and SIX with three honours apiece, while Citi earned an acclaimed double victory for Global Custodian of the Year and its global head of securities services picking up the Lifetime Achievement award. 

Deutsche Bank, Euroclear and BNP Paribas Securities Services also received two awards each. 

The awards celebrate the very best that the securities services industry has to offer across four primary categories: stand-out performers from our Agent Banks in Major and Emerging Markets surveys, Editors’ Choice Awards, Innovation Awards, and the newly-created Advanced Performance Awards (APAs). 

In our Editors’ Choice section, BNY Mellon picked up the trophy for Best New Asset Servicing Project, State Street and BlackRock’s tie-up to serve M&G won them Asset Servicing Partnership of the Year, while FIS received Asset Servicing Deal of the Year for its transfer agency deal with Franklin Templeton. 

Elsewhere Proxymity won a fiercely contested FinTech of the Year award, DTCC’s Project Ion was commended with Market Infrastructure Project of the Year, and Zodia received Digital Assets Initiative of the Year. 

In the Agent Banks categories there were wins for Mizuho Bank, Eurobank and RMB Custody Services. 

Deutsche Bank, S&P Global and UBS were the recipients of our inaugural APAs, which recognise excellence and innovation across our survey activity in the market.   

Innovation awards were handed to Broadridge, Saphyre, Digital Asset, LCH and Vermeg. This year, Global Custodian also recognised Digital Asset innovators for the first time, recognising Fireblock, Copper and Genesis Global Trading. 

Turning to the individual honours of the evening, Okan Pekin picked up the Lifetime Achievement gong, while BNY Mellon’s Roman Regelman took home the Industry Person of the Year trophy, as voted by his peers on the night.  

Global Custodian also inducted no fewer than six new Legends to our Hall of Fame this year, acknowledging the fantastic work that the recipients consistently do in our industry. The personnel joining our Hall of Fame are Alvaro Camuñas, Alex Krunic, Viraj Kulkarni, Samir Pandiri, Teresa Parker and Roman Regelman. 

Congratulations to all of our winners, and thank you for helping to make it a truly memorable evening.  

A full list of winners can be found below:

Award CategoryAward NameWinner
Agent Banks in Major MarketsOverall, Large ClientsBNP Paribas Securities Services
Agent Banks in Major MarketsSingle Market, Large ClientsEuroclear, ICSD
Agent Banks in Major MarketsAgent Bank of the YearMizuho Bank
Agent Banks in Major MarketsRelationship Management & Client ServiceSIX Group, Switzerland
Agent Banks in Major MarketsTechnology & Data Services  SIX Group, Switzerland
Agent Banks in Major MarketsAsset ServicingEuroclear, ICSD
Agent Banks in Major MarketsAccount ManagementSIX Group, ICSD & Switzerland
Agent Banks in Emerging MarketsOverall, Large ClientsStandard Chartered Bank
Agent Banks in Emerging MarketsAgent Bank of the YearEurobank, Greece
Agent Banks in Emerging MarketsRelationship Management & Client ServiceBNP Paribas Securities Services, Poland
Agent Banks in Emerging MarketsTechnology & Data ServicesDeutsche Bank, UAE
Agent Banks in Emerging MarketsAsset Servicing RMB Custody Services, South Africa
Agent Banks in Emerging MarketsAccount Management   Standard Chartered Bank, China
Agent Banks in Emerging MarketsAsset Safety & Risk ManagementStandard Chartered Bank, China
Innovation Awards Innovation in Automated IntelligenceSaphyre
Innovation Awards Innovation in Governance & Global Proxy VotingBroadridge
Innovation Awards Innovation in Digital Asset TechnologyDigital Asset
Innovation Awards Innovation in Digital CustodyVermeg
Innovation Awards Innovation in ClearingLCH
Innovation Awards Digital Asset InnovationCopper
Innovation Awards Digital Asset InnovationGenesis Global Trading
Innovation Awards Digital Asset InnovationFireblocks
Advanced Performance AwardChina ConnectivityDeutsche Bank
Advanced Performance AwardCorporate Actions Managed ServiceS&P Global
Advanced Performance AwardCross Market Front-to-Back ProcessingUBS
Editors’ ChoiceAsset Servicing Deal of the YearFIS – Frankin Templeton
Editors’ ChoiceFinTech of the YearProxymity
Editors’ ChoiceMarket Infrastructure Project of the YearDTCC – Project Ion
Editors’ ChoiceBest New Asset Servicing ProjectBNY Mellon
Editors’ ChoiceAsset Servicing Partnership of the YearState Street & BlackRock
Editors’ ChoiceDigital Assets Initiative of the YearZodia
Editors’ ChoiceGlobal Custodian of the YearCiti
Industry Person of the YearRoman Regelman
Lifetime Achievement Award Okan Pekin 

Global Custodian also handed out awards for Consistent Excellence within its Agent Banks Surveys. The new awards recognise those service providers whose clients have rated them above 6.00 out of 7.00 overall in a particular market and above 6.00 in at least two-thirds of rated service categories.

Award CategoryWinner
Awards for Consistent Excellence BNP Paribas Securities Services, China
Awards for Consistent Excellence BNP Paribas Securities Services, India
Awards for Consistent Excellence Deutsche Bank, India
Awards for Consistent Excellence Deutsche Bank, UAE
Awards for Consistent Excellence Mizuho Bank, Japan
Awards for Consistent Excellence SBI-SG Global Securities Services, India
Awards for Consistent Excellence RMB Custody Services, South Africa
Awards for Consistent Excellence ICICI Bank, India