From the research desk: “SEVEN!” Will our prime brokerage providers score top marks once again?

With Global Custodians Prime Brokerage survey nearing a close, this week’s FTRD takes a look back at last years scores, as we extend the deadline for an additional two weeks until 8 July. 

By Lottie Sweeney & Beenish Hussain

Global Custodian’s Prime Brokerage survey sees an increase in popularity year after year, and 2024 has been no different. As the popularity grows, so too apparently does our respondents’ happiness with the service prime brokers are providing.  

In 2023 an impressive 38% of respondents gave their provider an average score of Excellent (7.00), with a further 29% rating their provider as “Very Good” (6.00 – 6.99) – highlighting the great work being done by providers in the space.  

What is more exciting, it that these scores are not an anomaly just for last year. As GC Research highlighted in last year’s Prime Brokerage survey, there is notable consistency in the rankings of the services by the respondents. Last year, GC Research ran a three-year review noting the highs and lows of each category.  

Of course, while the service provided is excellent, what do our respondents think of their prime brokerage providers as a whole, and would they recommend them?  

The answer is a resounding yes, with 68% reporting that they would definitely recommend their prime brokers to their peers in the industry. If you remove the respondents who declined to answer this question, this percentage jumps to an impressive 79%.  


With the deadline extended for an additional two weeks until 8 July, Global Custodian would love to hear from you. If you are interested in understanding more about the PB survey. Our FAQs can be found here. For any other questions regarding being involved as a client or a provider, please do reach out to us at  

The Prime Brokerage Survey for 2024 can be accessed here.