BNY snaps up former Deutsche Bank prime head for sec finance role

GC legend Mark Haas has taken up a role within BNY Mellon’s securities finance division.
By Paul Walsh
BNY Mellon has appointed GC legend Mark Haas as managing director, head of principal securities finance.

Haas previously spent 10 years as part of Deutsche Bank’s prime services division in roles including global head of prime brokerage, Americas regional head of prime finance and co-head of prime finance sales in the Americas.

In addition, Haas served as head of securities lending Europe at Morgan Stanley as well as spells at Lehman Brothers in the 1990s.

A BNY Mellon spokesperson confirmed that Haas, who was inducted as a GC legend in 2009, took up his new role in September and is based in New York.

He has also spent nearly three years as principal and chief operating officer at Hutchin Hill Capital and since 2013 had been the founding principal at Nekton Partners LLC in New York.