Short Selling In Hindi

The importance of the burgeoning Chinese and Indian middle classes (and hence potential investors) has become something so often repeated it has become a fiscal version of the Liturgy of the Hours.Instead of publishing another whitepaper on future opportunities, Data Explorers, a provider of data and analytics around short selling, now provides a weekly broadcast in Hindi concerning short selling activity.DX TV weekly broadcasts can be accessed by clicking here.In a press release, Jonathan Morris, COO, Data Explorers said: With increased market understanding of short selling, we have seen investor demand from all over the world for our short selling insight. We are launching our news in Hindi for the Indian speaking audience around the world. In light of Indias strong growth of over 8% and unprecedented economic expansion, we believe our broadcasts in Hindi will help foster a greater understanding of global short selling and institutional fund flow activity. It makes a pleasant change of expecting everyone to speak English.