Global Custodian’s 30th anniversary+1: What to expect in 2020

What to look forward to from Global Custodian in 2020, the follow up to our much celebrated 30th anniversary year.
By Jon Watkins

Conscious that Global Custodian’s readership hails from 128 countries around the world, I should resist the temptation to use a phrase seldom printed – or understood, for that matter – outside of the British Isles.

If you’re not familiar with ‘After the Lord Mayor’s Show’, the expression refers to the day after an iconic event of great excitement, which can often be dull or mundane in comparison. A quick Google search tells me it stemmed from the a 16th Century London parade involving many horses, where the following day would involve cleaning up after said animals. No need to go into further detail there.

For Global Custodian, we enter 2020 following the biggest year in our publication’s history. One might even say it’s a ‘tough act to follow’ – now I think about it, that’s a much cleaner phrase to use.

The 30th anniversary was one of many global celebrations and steps forward for our renowned brand. Ceremonies, awards and special publications were used to honour the past, while expansion of our research, new conferences and the use of augmented reality technology in our fourth quarter print magazine were a nod to the future. We spent 12 months on a project to find 30 people who would shape the future of securities services, and received incredible feedback on our selections and presentation of the completed project. We invited all of our previous editors to pen a short-piece on their experiences at Global Custodian and enlisted 30 judges – comprising of our Hall of Famers, association heads and other legends – to help us decide our list of industry pioneers and trailblazers listed in our commemorative print edition.

So to avoid our ‘After the Lord Mayor’s show’ moment here’s what you can look forward to in 2020. It goes without saying our flagship quarterly magazines will land on your desks and at top industry conferences throughout the year, while our premium digital content will continue to grow for our subscribers through an expanded team with more multimedia content and exclusive news.

We’ll also be introducing some new features for our ever-growing audience. This year will see our inaugural ETF Fund Administration Survey, along with a comprehensive regulatory handbook covering the tidal wave of new rules coming into force over the next 24 months. In summer we’ll also be launching our first ever Fund Centre report, covering the state of play in 30 fund domiciles around the world in great detail, along with administration and investment trends in the respective locations.

Our multimedia expansion will see the introduction of webinars, the rebirth of podcasts and more video content than ever before. As always, our awards nights are a staple in the industry’s calendar and we are pleased to announce the introduction of a series of new accolades in London on 26 March, including Network Manager of the Year, FinTech One to Watch and the Best In Survey recognition of the top performer across our far-reaching agent bank surveys.

We are also delighted to announced a full reworking of the survey questionnaires with a view to simplifying participation and shortening the time needed to complete each survey. We have carefully considered the revamp to ensure it has not been made at the expense of the quality insight we gain from this research. As part of our survey renovation the full survey process, including the management and the survey platform are now in-house at Global Custodian.

Part of our extended research capabilities will also included more in-depth reports. This will start with a 20-page in-depth Prime Brokerage report, in partnership with research and advisory firm, Aite Group, to be released on 30 January. The report will lean on 2019’s findings from Global Custodian’s Prime Brokerage survey, along with years of historic data and industry trends. Further reports of this kind are in the pipeline, but yet to be confirmed.

These are the plans thus far, which is not to say there won’t be more exciting events and products launched throughout the year. However, our focus in preparing for 2020 was to build on our stellar 30th anniversary year and keep delivering more of the content that you want, and need, to stay up-to-date on all things securities services across the world.

Jonathan Watkins

Editor, Global Custodian.