BancTec Releases New Platform For Managing The Information – CenterVisionTM 2.0

BancTec, a provider of high volume document and payment processing services and applications, has released version 2.0 of CenterVision, its global platform for processing and managing multiple streams of in bound information. The new release of CenterVision improves the platform's

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BancTec, a provider of high-volume document and payment processing services and applications, has released version 2.0 of CenterVision, its global platform for processing and managing multiple streams of in-bound information. The new release of CenterVision improves the platform’s ability to provide end-to-end mail processing and control, with stronger Service Level Agreement (SLA) management, enhanced document tracking and resource utilization capabilities. Optimal customer access to information, expanded reporting and overall usability enhancements are also provided.

CenterVision 2.0 provides more support for key business requirements: cost cutting, service excellence, consolidation, compliance and quality standards. The platform’s improved management control functionality allows resources to be allocated in a more effective and timely manner, saving on operator costs and training. Specific product enhancements in CenterVision 2.0 include: Logistics Manager

The new CenterVision Logistics Manager service helps solve the problem of the documents lost and provides control over information as soon as it enters the corporation by utilizing resource estimation, allocation and work status monitoring to deliver fully auditable, repeatable, end-to-end mail tracking. The Logistics Manager also includes a “mailroom scheduler” and “track and trace” capabilities that manage processes through the entire document lifecycle, including physical archive and destruction per retention policies.

Customer Portal

The Customer Portal provides an efficient mechanism for customers to interact with CenterVision content and provide input on key business processes, such as exception handling. This real-time information access can significantly reduce the overhead involved with customer queries. Specifically, customers can retrieve images, view system and operations-generated bulletins, retrieve real time progress reports and search for documents to track their progress. Feedback Mechanisms improve Service Level Agreement (SLA) Monitoring CenterVision’s new feedback mechanisms are designed to support Total Quality Management efforts. Specifically, the platform delivers missed deadline alerts and “nearline alerts” via email, thus enabling the timely redeployment of resources to meet SLA deadlines. Operator training reports improve productivity and quality by providing constant feedback, highlighting quality issues and enabling organizations to develop programs that help employees achieve optimal performance.

Other feedback mechanisms in CenterVision 2.0 include automated image quality testing to ensure that captured images have been through a quality management process, and Percentage Sampling, which provides quality review sampling as work moves through the system rather than at the end of a business process. These capabilities will reduce operator workload, especially in companies that require 100% quality check for scanned work.

Integrated Billing

The billing process within companies, for both external and internal customers, can be extremely inefficient, resulting in delayed cash flow. CenterVision 2.0 improves this fragmented, error-prone process through new functionality that provides integrated collection of billing information from multiple sources (e.g., CenterVision, connections to other applications, manually entered items), resulting in fewer mistakes and much faster billing.

CenterVision converges departmental mail processing applications and complex mailroom centers onto a common platform. Delivered as an in-house software implementation or an outsourced service, the CenterVision platform enables quick and accurate processing of any type of paper or electronic document, including fax, e-mail and web content.