Apex to offer Investment Café portal to private equity firms through eFront partnership

Apex's global head of fund services touted the service will deliver “dynamic data” to private equity clients.

By Jonathan Watkins

Apex Group is partnering with BlackRock-owned technology firm eFront to offer an investor communication portal labelled Investment Café to its private equity clients.

The service will allow private equity firms to provide their investors with secure access to information through the cloud-based technology.

Apex’s global head of fund solutions, Srikumar T.E, said the service will deliver “dynamic data.”

“This is a genuinely exciting new offering for asset managers, providing systems and software that are crucial to stay competitive,” he added.

“Apex’s deep-seated experience in the asset management space allows us to better understand the unique dynamic of each given system and app, as well as the pain points and elements that might need more time and care when it comes to implementation and maintenance. Delivering all of this through the portal, via eFront Investment Café, allows us to add yet another layer of value to our clients”.

In Global Custodian’s Private Equity Administration Survey 2018, Apex’s client rating for ‘reporting to limited partners’ was 2.5% above the global average, while its score for ‘reporting to general partners’ outshone the mean by 3.3%.

Apex has been bolstering its private equity offering in recent years through the acquisitions of Ipes and Broadscope as the sector continues to be an increasing area of focus for the administrator.

Within the private equity sector, technology, reporting and data offerings continue to be a priority across the asset servicing industry.

“Asset servicers continue to leverage their position at the heart of the data,” said Mark Bramley, managing director North America at eFront.

“The provision of a sophisticated portal like eFront Investment Café allows them to satisfy the needs of their clients and fund investors alike.  Populated by a rich data set, eFront Investment Café allows asset servicers to provide not only documents, but timely and quality data via the platform. The addition of our solution to Apex’s technology offering is not only valuable for eFront and Apex, but also for Apex’s global client base as one of the largest private equity service providers in the world”.