Ansbacher Launches New Website With Improved Online Banking

Ansbacher & Co Ltd has re designed its website, including the following sections 'About us', detailing Ansbacher's history, social responsibility and career opportunities 'news room', a library of Ansbacher's current and past press releases 'our services', highlighting Ansbacher's core services

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Ansbacher & Co Ltd has re-designed its website, including the following sections: ‘About us’, detailing Ansbacher’s history, social responsibility and career opportunities; ‘news room’, a library of Ansbacher’s current and past press releases; ‘our services’, highlighting Ansbacher’s core services; ‘our people’, listing key contacts; and ‘online banking’, an improved online banking service.

“With a large percentage of our client base infar off places, having one of the best websites and internet banking servicesin our sector is imperative,” says Hugh Titcomb, Ansbacher Group Chief Executive Officer.

“From today, our clients will have the freedom to interact with Ansbacher how they want and control their banking with assurance that it is safe and secure, across time zones at any time they want.”