August 10, 2018
Wall Street sees departure of senior cap intro faces

The global heads of capital introduction at some of the biggest prime brokers have left this year to pursue new ventures.

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FEATURES | Joe Parsons
The emergence of front-office fund administrators
As back-office activities become increasingly commoditised, fund administrators are realising the front-office is the key to stay relevant and competitive.
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FEATURES | Jonathan Watkins
Why custody holds the key to cryptocurrency adoption
The safeguarding of cryptocurrencies by custodian banks is the only way institutional investors can begin their journey with the much-hyped digital assets. So will custodians step up to the plate?
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Northern Trust wins hedge fund mandate from ExodusPoint Capital Management

ExodusPoint Capital Management was described as the largest start-up fund of all time when it went live at the start of summer.

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TECHNOLOGY | Jonathan Watkins
Crypto tech provider for fund admins secures $15 million in series B funding

The investment will allow Libra to release new products and services which will support its fund administrator, trading operations and crypto exchange platform clients.

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REGULATION | Jonathan Watkins
Hong Kong’s new rules set to attract wave of new fund launches

Setting up OFCs is said to save time and cost for managers establishing funds at other domiciles and distributing funds in Hong Kong.

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Fund Administration
Apex adds $24 billion of assets with Custom House acquisition
The emergence of front-office fund administrators
Charles River sets up FinTech alliance for middle-office solution
Why custody holds the key to cryptocurrency adoption
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