Bold steps to digitalising the intermediary process

Digital disruption is driving a fundamental rethink of the securities services business model. Scott Dickinson, regional head of securities services for Africa and the Middle East, Standard Chartered, believes disruptive technologies in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) economies will strengthen their client proposition.

Making the front-to-back servicing platform the new norm

John Plansky, CEO of Charles River Development, a State Street company, sits down with Global Custodian to talk about how State Street’s flagship front-to-back platform is resonating with key buy-side clients and how the model could become the new norm in the asset servicing business.

Prevention – your first line of defence for CSDR

Prevent your trades from failing in the first instance and you’ll have nothing to worry about under the new Settlement Discipline Regime (SDR), says Matthew Johnson, associate director, ITP product management at DTCC.

Bearing the fruits of our laboratory

SmartStream launched a new innovation lab in Vienna last summer populated with some of the industry’s finest talent. Just a year later, it is ready to roll out a transformative new artificial intelligence solution for reconciliation.

Doubling up

India’s ambitious plans to double the size of its economy to $5 trillion will mean local custodians will have an increasingly important role to facilitate increased activity from foreign portfolio investments (FPIs) and domestic investment vehicles such as mutual funds, insurance and AIFs. Vineet Potnis, head of custody services for Stock Holding, explains what India’s largest custodian is doing in preparation for this.

UMR extension presents change to strategise AANA exposures

The potential ‘big bang’ for buy-side firms being swept into the upcoming initial margin rules for non-cleared derivatives was given a vital delay this summer, with the deadline extended until September 2021.

Innovation in IBOR – Ops2Tech

The investment book of record (IBOR) is a crucial component for a hedge fund manager, but is currently facing a number of challenges as managers search for alpha. Shankar Iyer, chief solutions officer at Viteos (an Intertrust company) , explains how innovation is helping hedge funds alleviate some of these pressures.

A solution in a time of need

Regulatory data has emerged as a perfect complement to the SmartStream Reference Data Utility’s (RDU) product offering, and with the introduction of SFTR on the horizon, the utility model is needed by the industry now more than ever, according to Linda Coffman, global product manager, RDU.

Evolving hedge fund landscape leads to deeper PB relationships

How competitive is the prime brokerage market? The question cannot be answered without looking across the full set of services that prime brokers provide as well as the full range of clients they are provided to, says Wendy Beer, managing director and head of business consulting, Wells Fargo Prime Services.