Syntegra Announces New Trading Room Systems Team Structure

Syntegra today announced a number of key appointments to further strengthen its global management team for trading systems. Ken Wortz, previously service director for the Americas at Syntegra, has been named as director of global service for trading systems with

Pegasystems Launches Integrated STP Solution

Pegasystems Inc, a specialist in rules driven business process management software, today announced the availability of PegaINTEGRATED INVESTIGATIONS 3.2, a suite of software designed to help financial institutions streamline the processing of payment, securities and treasury investigations and exceptions across

OM ASP Service Attracts Broker-Dealers

OM announced today that BB&T Capital Markets and Galway Securities Corporation have contracted with the company to deliver institutional order management services via OM's ASP service. The Swedish trading and transaction technology company says the deal "underscores the continuing trend

WestLB Outsources to ADP and ADP Wilco

ADP Brokerage Services Group (ADP) announced today that WestLB AG had signed a long term outsourcing agreement to use ADP OMR's TradeThru ASP solution for their treasury processing in London . The intention is to expand the agreement" to other

Societe Generale Outsources Payments Processing to Aleri

Aleri, the vector based data processing technology firm, says Societe Generale (SG) has enlarged its relationship with the firm to include outsourcing payments transactions management for its London, Frankfurt and Madrid operations. Aleri is able to handle the project because

Trace Datawise Launches STP Solution for IFAs

Trace Datawise Financial Limited says IFAs should take a look at its Orderbook technology, which routes orders for funds to settlement systems electronically, reconciles the transactions and then provides comprehensive management reporting. Orderbook, built originally for a major global fund

Gestitres Buys Trace Datawise ISO 15022 Solutoin

Trace Datawise Financial Ltd announced today that Gestitres had bought its EasyISO15022 (EasyISO) solution for integration to the SWIFTNet network ahead of the November 16 deadline set by SWIFT. Trace says over half of buy side organisations have yet to