Securities Finance

JP Morgan Launches CDO Data and Analysis Tools

JP Morgan has built a sizeable corporate trust business servicing issuers. Now it is looking to turn what it has learnt as trustee and transaction manager to Collateralised Debt Obligations (CDO) and CDO related structures such as CBOs, CLOs, and

Japanese FSA Censures More Over Short Selling

The Japanese authorities continue to wage war on short selling. Today the Financial Services Agency (FSA) announced that Merrill Lynch Japan Securities Co., Ltd., KBC Financial Products UK Limited, Okasan Securities Co., Ltd. and Credit Suisse First Boston Securities (Japan)

Malgieri Has Bigger Role at BNY

SimCorp joins Omgeo STP Partner Program Omgeo, the DTCC Thomson virtual matching utility, has signed up Simco as one of the "partner" vendors it hopes will help it tie more fund managers, broker dealers and custodians into its solution than

Tokyo Stock Exchange Consults Market on JGB Futures

The Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) has published the results of the questionnaire it issued to market participants earlier this year to study the impact of record low interest rates on ten year JGB futures contracts. Essentially, it asked whether the

EuroMTS Expands Into Irish Government Bonds

EuroMTS has announced plans to expand into the last member state of the euro to remain outside its grasp Ireland. An Irish government bond division, named MTS Ireland, will go live in June this year. The six primary dealers in

Sad Cantor Moves to New Home

Cantor Fitzgerald, which lost 658 employees and its 250,000 square foot headquarters in the World Trade Center atrocities, is moving to new but still temporary office space on 57th Street and Lexington Avenue in Manhattan, Cantor Fitzgerald and eSpeed Chairman

BNY Hires Malgieri to Replace Parkes

The Bank of New York announced today that James Malgieri will replace Shaun Parkes as head of global collateral management. Parkes left in September to join Deutsche Bank. Malgieri, who joins as Managing Director and Product Manager of Global Collateral