India Set to Adopt Rolling DvP on T +3

Only three or four years ago, investors in India were not confident that their trades would settle at all. Even if they did, investors then had to wait weeks for the transfer to be registered and the cash or stock

Shock Horror: The Biggest Bank in the World is Japanese

KAS BANK clearing specialist on Euronext Paris KAS BANK is the first General Clearing Member of Euronext that is able to provide clients of the three underlying Euronext exchanges with its services from one portal instead of from three different

Hedge Fund Icon Monroe Trout Plans to Retire

Hedge fund icon Monroe Trout, the 39 year old principal of Trout Trading Management, plans to retire after 14 years at the helm and sell the firm to CEO Matthew Tewksbury, 32, (the firm will eventually be renamed Tewksbury Capital).

No More Insured Municipal Bonds for Funds

The Boards of Trustees of six Vanguard funds have decided to remove the requirement that the funds hold a minimum percentage of their assets in municipal bonds that are insured. The decision was based on several factors, including the declining

Hedge Funds Sue Enron Auditors and Underwriters

According to a report in the New York Times today, four hedge funds specialising in distressed securities that lost over $120 million on Enron bonds are sueing Arthur Andersen (auditors to the company) and Banc of America Securities, Goldman Sachs

JP Morgan Gets Equity in TradeWeb

JP Morgan has acquired an equity interest in electronic bond tradingplatform TradeWeb. JP Morgan joins seven other major global banking firmswith an ownership interest in the platform.

Icor Brokerage Launches Online Brokerage In Asia-Pacific

ICor Brokerage Ltd, the 50 50 joint venture between Reuters and ICor Brokerage, announced the launch of its online brokerage service for FX Options in Asia Pacific. The service, ICor Brokerage FX Options, provides electronic broking of FX Options to